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Genesis Wolves

We started the Genesis Wolves to gather a community of like-minded people who want to be part of a NFT project with long term goals and scaling developments.
We wanted to be more than just a PFP NFT. Our project is based on the mission to bring it's holders value from future project developments such as Genesis Protocol, starting with the humble beginnings of the Genesis Wolves. We believe in the future of Web3, the blockchain, and the importance of decentralization. This is the common denominator in not just every Genesis Wolf community member, but every person utilizing blockchain technology. The Genesis Wolves project aims to connect the potential of blockchain technology to real world use cases including video games for gamers, game developers, and crypto-enthusiasts.
Our roadmap may not be as simple as other NFT projects, but there is one detail that we can be sure of:
We're All In This Together. WAITT.